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In one of my earlier posts, I was discussing about the online privacy. This is a follow up for that post.We are reading a lot about how Facebook tracks all our activities online and how we are being force fed with ads with vested interests. Here is the way how you can limit Facebook from collecting your data.First thing first – Whatever data Facebook has already collected, cannot be reversed. What we can do is, to limit Facebook from collecting more information from now on.

Mozilla has released a new add-on – Facebook Container.

How to install Facebook Container?

Prerequisite: You need Mozilla Firefox installed.

Step 1: Open in Mozilla Firefox.Privacy Facebook Container

Step 2: Click “+ Add to Firefox” button.

Step 3: Click on “Add” button when the popup appears.

Facebook Container Notification

Step 4: When installation is done, the below message will be shown.

Facebook Container installed
Once this add-on is installed, Facebook logins and cookies will be removed from your browser. This means, you will have to login again to use Facebook.

How does Facebook Container protect Privacy?

Facebook Container add-on is an extended cut of Firefox Multi-Account Containers. With the new Facebook Container add-on, all meta-data created in isolated containers, which will restrict Facebook from accessing anything outside that container.

What data does Mozilla collect with this add-on?

Mozilla collects the number of times the add-on is installed. No other information is collected.

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