Kadala Curry (Chana/Chole) – Valluvanadan Style

We Keralites have ‘Kadala curry’ in our menu like it is a staple food. But this Kadala curry is one which I had quite some time back when I visited my friend Damo (a.k.a Njan Gandharvan or Gandhu in online space). Gandhu’s mom made a kadala curry as side dish for idlis. It was so tasty, I tried to recreate it myself and never succeeded. It has been a couple of years since then. Last week I contacted Gandhu again and got the recipe, talked with his mom and today, I cooked her recipe. It was, out of the world! Here is it for you to try that out. Continue reading “Kadala Curry (Chana/Chole) – Valluvanadan Style”

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