Kadala Curry (Chana/Chole) – Valluvanadan Style

We Keralites have ‘Kadala curry’ in our menu like it is a staple food. But this Kadala curry is one which I had quite some time back when I visited my friend Damo (a.k.a Njan Gandharvan or Gandhu in online space). Gandhu’s mom made a kadala curry as side dish for idlis. It was so tasty, I tried to recreate it myself and never succeeded. It has been a couple of years since then. Last week I contacted Gandhu again and got the recipe, talked with his mom and today, I cooked her recipe. It was, out of the world! Here is it for you to try that out. Continue reading “Kadala Curry (Chana/Chole) – Valluvanadan Style”

Kerala meets Chennai!

I am a foodie! I love eating, eating and eating. For the same reason, I will try any new hotel/restaurant opened in Chennai. Since the day 1 I reached chennai, I was searching for a place where I get kerala cuisine.
Atlast, I found a place where I get some good food in chennai in reasonable price range. It was last month end, when I was running around for paying my broadband bill, I found a restaurant in Bazulla Road, T Nagar, named Palakkaran (pronounced paa-laa-kkaa-run).  
To my surprise, this is also a mock of Kumarakom chain of restaurants. I mean it because the ambience they try to create here resembles somewhat that for Kumarakom, Velacheri. Here also, they have karaoke tracks sung by their bearers. But for meals and all, I feel this is much reasonable compared to other hotels in and around T Nagar. As most of the Andhra (Narmada), Malaysian(Pelita Nasi Kandar) and Tamil (Saravana bhavan, deluxe etc) are charging 50+ INR for their meals, these guys provide better food in the same price (INR 50). The main metrics I look for is cleanliness, and they pass it. Second one is, if I ask for a vegetarian dish I need it as vegetarian as itself. Trying the restaurant several times, I have found that they take utmost care for the same. Keeping the fact that, all other hotels have gave me non-veg food mixed in my food and I had to complain about it.
These qualities on Paalaakkaaran will help them to go ahead their way! For this Onam, they were providing Kerala style “SADYA”. I am not sure of the price of that. But I had it and was good one!
One can try this restaurant… I guarantee…
Note: I dont receive any kind of incentives/discounts/commission for putting this write up here!! 🙂
Kudos and have a nice “EAT” this Onam…

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